hicaliber horse rescue

HiCaliber Horse Rescue is a 501c3 and California Registered Charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and responsible placement of horses. We are committed to community and owner support through education, affordable training resources and shelter partnership in Riverside and San Diego Counties.


ATTENTION ENDURANCE RIDERS AND ARAB FANS!!! Amadeo is your man! He rides like a couch but handles like a Ferrari. He can go, go, go and braves gnarly trails without batting an eye. He LOVES to conquer hills and mountains and is always motivated to work.

He soaks it all in, is alert without being hyper-vigilante, and has incredible footing. If you want speed -holy cow- this horse is faaasssst when you ask him (or let him lol...He loves it!) but is also easy to just mosey with.

He's a stocky, 15hh, 16 year old Arabian of Crabbet decent - big bones with a powerhouse hind end who can go fo' evah! learn more about Amadeo and our other available horses.

Mira & Tika

Mira and Tika, the mare and foal pair from the Shingle Springs neglect case, are settling in nicely.

Our legal team worked hard to get these girls safe and off of the property of the woman who neglected them. It took a couple of weeks, police intervention, 2 trips to northern California, enlisting the help of Back In The Saddle Project, Double D Rescue Haulers, and the state veterinarian. It really took a village to rescue these two!

But we got them. They are safe. They are already being social and inviting our affection (and grain lol).

Please welcome our newest addition to the HiCaliber herd, Mira & Tika!

Fighting Abuse!

HiCaliber Horse Rescue will not turn a blind eye to the abuse or neglect of horses, whether being conducted by individuals or other rescue organizations. When neglect is identified, HiCaliber will do our best to work with owners for a positive outcome for all parties. If help is refused, then we are prepared to fight and to be the voice for innocent animals who have no voice of their own.