hicaliber horse rescue

HiCaliber Horse Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and responsible placement of horses. We are committed to our community and show this through our unique owner support programs which include education and affordable training resources, as well as our shelter partnerships in Riverside and San Diego counties.

VINNIE is an 18 year old gaited-something-or-other found at auction just a few months ago. He's the get on and go type but can feel a little fast from his quick step. He's a bit pushy on the ground but doesn't mean any harm, he just gets excited to work. He goes out alone or in groups and does fine either way. He can protest slightly when leaving the herd on a solo ride but redirection fixes it quickly without issue. He's a big boy at 16.2, rides bitless, barefoot and bareback easily. He is sound but does have a weird spring to his step. He's tested fine in a lameness exam and we've chalked it up to being "semi-gaited" as he doesn't fall into them at all times. His adoption fee is $500 Learn more about Vinnie and our other adoptable horses.

OSCAR, formerly known as Hip 888, was extremely grouchy before being rescued during Mike's Auction in June. In addition to his hip number, he appeared to have a target on his back and had caught the eye of a few kill buyers. When it appeared there was no one else to come to his rescue, HiCaliber stepped in and got the winning bid. A new name may be in the works as Oscar turned things around as soon as he got "home" and showed himself to be a fun, playful boy. Yeah, we've "pinned our ears" (via a flying bird) at the kill buyers a time or two. Who can blame him! To watch his funny antics, view the Facebook post here.  

On February 14, 2015, HiCaliber began the largest rescue operation in our history – taking in 34 starved horses affectionately named “The Fallen Herd.” THIRTY FOUR. At one time. That wasn't a typo. Most of them, former racehorses.

When we posted the initial pictures of Warp, a nearly dead, $200k+ winning mare, we knew there would be an uproar. She was one of the skinniest horses we had ever rescued and we honestly didn't think she would survive. She fought along with us, touch and go, winning the hearts of us all. In the days that followed, we continued to pull walking skeletons out, bringing them to our facility, getting them immediate care, and documenting their condition through photos of their frail and defeated bodies. Their broken spirits broke our hearts, their hunger enraged us and we shared the continuing saga each day on Facebook. Read more about how HiCaliber rescued the Fallen...

HiCaliber Horse Rescue will not turn a blind eye to the abuse or neglect of horses, whether being conducted by individuals or other rescue organizations. When neglect is identified, HiCaliber will do our best to work with owners for a positive outcome for all parties. If help is refused, then we are prepared to fight and to be the voice for innocent animals who have no voice of their own.