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Welcome to the home of HiCaliber!

Now that you're here, you're in for a wild ride! We are the REBELS OF RESCUE and are revolutionizing the way lives are being saved. HiCaliber, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is the nations most active horse rescue with more than 700 lives saved since January 1, 2016. We are fueled by the passion of a worldwide village of equally rebellious horse-lovers who trash traditional paradigms, think outside of the box and color outside of the lines. We bring the raw, the real, the humor and the heartbreak of rescue to all those who come alongside us. With your support, we are saving horses and kicking ass!

Some may say we put the ass in class, but at HiCaliber, the horses come first. Always. 


Want to know what's REALLY going on at HiCaliber? Want up-to-the-minute updates? Curious who had a Fireball hangover and woke up in Bernie's stall? Facebook is where the magic happens! Join our village and get regular updates on the horses YOU are saving. C'mon over... you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be driven to drink! Follow us on Facebook! 

Not crazy about our foul mouths and adult antics? You can fall in love with the softer side of us on our PG-rated HiCaliber Kids page! 

Here at HiCaliber, we have adulted super hard in finding ways to raise money through multiple funding streams so we can pay our hay and vet bills. Did you know 5% of your Starbucks purchases can go to HiCaliber? Whaaaat? Yep! The 411 on HiCaliber Pay and so much more can be found on our Adulting page! 

Auction is a dumping ground for injured horses. Many of our rescues are great horses that just need the next step in clinical veterinary intervention. Our global, generous village of seconds chances is rallying time and again to get these horses the help they need. Secret Fund for Surgical and Hospital-Bound Horses

Thank you to everyone who joined us in dedicating the Price Family Arena and new training center, generously funded in part by a $10,000 ASPCA Matching Expansion Grant! To learn more about this project and see photos, click here

If you're looking for it.... chances are pretty good we have it! Whether you are looking for a horse for gymkhana, vaulting, family pony, husband-safe trail horse, hunter-jumper, project horse, weanling, yearling, former race horse, therapy horse, mule or donkey, there's a good chance we have a candidate at HiCaliber! And if we don't? Really good chance we will soon! HiCaliber is getting new rescues in every single week and the horses we are getting from auction are pretty fantastic!

All HiCaliber rescues are vetted on intake, undergo a 30-day quarantine, are evaluated and then test-ridden when appropriate. While some horses are ready for adoption immediately, many of our horses undergo at least 30-60 days of training with HiCaliber's team or head off-site to one of the amazing, professional trainers we work with. New to the world of rescue? Worried about jumping in and making a commitment? Almost all of our horses come with a 30-day trial where you can return the horse with a full refund, no questions asked.  If more time may be needed or you have questions, we are always here to support and work with you through the process! To meet our rescues available for adoption, please visit the For Adoption page. 

On February 14, 2015, HiCaliber began the largest rescue operation in our history when we set out to save “The Fallen Herd” – 35 starved, broken horses, most of them former racehorses.

HiCaliber became involved when Fallen Horses Rescue’s Board of Directors reached out to HiCaliber. We were informed the rescue’s founder and caretaker had abandoned the herd and left them to starve. In the months prior to HiCaliber learning of their plight, volunteers were forced to helplessly watch horses they loved die of starvation as Animal Control failed to act.
The Valentine’s Day call came in, romantic plans were cancelled and our Emergency Response Team set out immediately to assess the situation...  Read more about how HiCaliber rescued the Fallen...

HiCaliber Horse Rescue will not turn a blind eye to the abuse or neglect of horses, whether being conducted by individuals or other rescue organizations. When neglect is identified, HiCaliber will do our best to work with owners for a positive outcome for all parties. If help is refused, then we are prepared to fight and to be the voice for innocent animals who have no voice of their own.