Thank you for considering a donation to HiCaliber Horse Rescue! We are a 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization as well as a California Registered Charity. 100% of donations received go directly toward the feed and care of our rescue animals.

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Here's something to sip on: for just $5 (the cost of your average fancy coffee) you can feed a horse for a day! Join HiCaliber's not-so-elite Coffee Club with your weekly donation of $5! 


Please visit our Sponsor our Rescues page to learn about sponsoring a rescue or becoming a corporate sponsor!

Otherwise, select your desired level of sponsorship below:


Every donation counts and makes a difference in our efforts to rescue and rehabilitate horses! To make a one-time donation:

Checks may be made payable to:
HiCaliber Horse Rescue
PO Box 1588
Valley Center, CA 92082



Want to be 100% sure EXACTLY where your money is going? You can always make a donation directly to our feed store:

HOS Hay in Valley Center 760-749-4429

It sometimes seems our residents are more piglet than horse, so we are very grateful for feed donations!

There are many expenses (some obvious, some not so much) to running a rescue. Your donation of any size is greatly appreciated!

A few examples include:
• $5-8 to feed a healthy horse for a day
• $10 average daily feed cost to rehabilitate an emaciated horse with special supplements and extra feed


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Let's be real, money is great.... but it's not always about the mighty dollar. Often times our greatest needs might be sitting in your shed collecting dust, in your office going unused, or in a friend's backyard waiting for you to offer to take it off their hands and send to your favorite horse rescue (that would be us).

Our wish list includes:

  • Corral Panels
  • Shelters
  • Storage sheds
  • Fly masks (all sizes)
  • Grooming supplies: brushes, buckets, shampoo, sponges, etc.
  • Cabinets with shelves
  • Saddle racks
  • Halter and bridle hooks
  • Saddle pads
  • Leg wraps
  • Splint boots
  • Supplements / Feed
  • Rubber mats
  • Clinton's hooks (The quick release hooks that look like half of a snaffle)
  • Training equipment
  • Tractor
  • Hot man who uses the tractor without shirt 
  • Items for an obstacle course
  • Poop buckets & rakes
  • A drag
  • Cement floored wash rack with cross ties
  • In-kind services needed:
    -Equine massage therapy
    -CPA/NPO accounting
Thank you to everyone who is helping us take care of our rescues via these wish list items!

Of course, we also have an Amazon Wishlist for easy Shopping!  Please check it out here:
Amazon Wish List

Make sure to use your Amazon Smile account for wish list purchases and all other Amazon purchases. Choose HiCaliber Horse Rescue as your "charity of choice" and a portion of all transactions will be given to HiCaliber. It's like two donations in one. Holy Cow!