Solar (registered as "Solarplex" - view his Equibase profile) was turned into Riverside Animal Control in an emaciated state and since they are not set-up to care for a horse in his condition he was in immediate need of rescue. Even though we had already accepted four emaciated rescues in the prior week, we couldn’t turn him down. Seriously, look at that handsome mug. Could you say no? Nah, us either!

This sweet boy started perking up in the first day of his HiCaliber VIP treatment and hadn't stopped making great progress since. He recently started turnouts in the round pen and this boy has some beautiful English moves! We had hoped to see Solar through as a nice English/Dressage mount - his extension and float are simply amazing. Unfortunately, he has a bit of arthritis and seems to be much happier doing trail and "non-collected" movements.

Quick Facts

  • Thoroughbred
  • Gelding
  • 16 yrs
  • 16.2 - 16.3 hh
  • Adoption Fee: $500


Worm Warrior  (Dewormer) 
Fancy Feet (Hoof care)
Full Belly (Hay)
Basic Care (Hay, Grain, Hoof Care, Dewormer)
The Works (Dewormer, Hoof care, Hay, Grain, Chiro/Massage)